The Power of #No

I did a talk for Agile Yorkshire on the 9th February 2016 called The Power of #No, to discuss #NoEstimates, #NoProjects and other notable Nos. Seeing recent conversations on Twitter I feel a particular section is worth highlighting. I see some criticism of #NoEstimates to be semantic – the No doesn’t mean No all the […]

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#NoProjects Please, We’re Developers

Thanks to Allan Kelly (@allankellynet) for articulating much of this in his recent talks on the subject. I was approached recently to apply for a position as a “Software Project Manager “. The job ad mentioned Agile a lot but also made a great emphasis on estimating, planning and traditional style project management. It has […]

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Interviews – you really ought to know this stuff by now

The Internet is littered with advice of the dos and don’ts of interviewing. Candidates still break the basic rules so I’ll elaborate on some of the more egregious errors and a few less obvious ones too. 1. Not knowing what the organisation does You’d think with every company being on the Internet that candidates would […]

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From Techie to Tie: Making the step from a technical to managerial role

This is a longer version of an article I wrote for GuruCareers in January 2014. While many people in technical occupations have the career aim of becoming ever more proficient in interesting and useful technologies, traditional company hierarchies and our working culture tends to hold in high status those in managerial and organisational leadership roles.  […]

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